The Internet of Things

The internet of things – where basically everything with an on-off switch can and will be connected to the internet. Well, apparently, it doesn’t have to have an on/off switch to be connected to the internet, because some European guy called Karim Oumina created shoe insoles that are connectable. According to the Digitsole website these shoes... Continue Reading →


“Next Week on Hoarders”

Online everything is recorded, and you don’t know by whom. It is cheaper to record and keep everything than to record and figure out what to delete.  We live in a world where we keep everything and delete nothing. The default setting of the internet is to record and keep everything. The internet is essentially... Continue Reading →

Don’t Hack Me

Sorry Gov, but if you hack my computer in hopes to find some juicy goss, all you’re gonna find is some shitty memes and lots of doggo photos. I’m not one of those people that has a sticker over my laptop camera or browses on “incognito” mode, mainly because I feel invincible to the hacking... Continue Reading →

A Social Media Revolution

  you've heard of elf on the shelf, now get ready for In 2012 a social media revolution was born, and I’m sure anyone who was on the internet around that time will remember the Kony 2012 revolution. On March 4 2012, a 30-minute video was released on YouTube “documenting” a non-profit effort to stop... Continue Reading →

The Great Debate

iPhone vs Android – it’s the debate that has been ruining friendships, cock-blocking and putting people in tears for years now. And the debate has started all over again with the iPhone X coming out in the coming months In reaction to this weeks BCM206 lecture I decided to collaborate with a major Apple fanatic... Continue Reading →

The Secret (Walled) Garden

Move over Peter Cundall because Mark Zuckaberg  is the next big gardener, and Facebook is his “walled garden”. Most of the internet runs on a Feudalist based system, which is commonly described as a “walled garden”, a closed, hierarchical, centralized database. In other words, Facebook is like a big garden where the content is the flowers, and... Continue Reading →

Nobody Understands The “Cloud”

Home Video Storage Then vs Now: I’m sure a lot of you have seen the movie with Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel where they make a raunchy video and accidentally save it to the cloud and allow access for all their friends and family? *cringe* Well the guy from How I Met Your Mother certainly... Continue Reading →

Hollywood is Out – Nollywood & Hallyuwood are In!

Globalization has allowed for a tremendous rise in cultural hybridization (where cultural elements blend between different cultures, without one culture being destroyed) and contraflow (the shifting of cultures across regions/borders). While we may see the world as becoming totally uniform “through a technological, commercial and cultural synchronization emanating from the west” (Pieterse, J 1995), this... Continue Reading →

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