Why do we keep naming different parts of our bodies and telling women they shouldn't be ashamed of them, when I feel like a lot of women wouldn't have ever even thought about them in the first place??  I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across a popsugar article titled "Hip Dips are the... Continue Reading →

I Deleted Facebook?!?

Apparently, people spend more than 50 minutes a day on Facebook and to me that doesn’t sound like a lot. It seems like were always online these days, swiping our little thumbs up and down our timelines or talking to people on messenger. Back in 2014 and 2015, if you had have asked me how much... Continue Reading →

9 Things To Do With a Broken Leg

I broke my leg almost 2 months ago. Fractured femur, ruptured ligaments, and a pretty damaged level of dignity. How did I do it? Well that’s the bit that hurt my dignity the most. Lets just cut it short and leave it at ‘I fell off the bus… totally sober’. Details aren’t necessary. If you’ve... Continue Reading →

Where I’m From – Audio/Visual Poem

My video/audio piece titled “The Colour City” was greatly inspired by 3 main works; Taylor Swifts ‘Safe and Sound’ music video, ATB’s ‘Vice Versa’  music video and Space Replay by Francesco Tacchini. The ‘Safe and Sound’ video inspired many of the nature shots and the use of angle to create a sense of smallness compared... Continue Reading →

MEDA101 Lecture Week 12 – Quiz

Quiz: What type of cut is used in the razor sequence in Un Chein Andalou? There is a cutaway and match cut used. Why was animation used in ‘Waltz with Bashir’? To create a dream or memory. By using animation, he was able to blur the destinction between reality and dreams. What was unconventional about... Continue Reading →

My Online Reputation VS Me

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, the person you are online isn’t always an accurate representation of who you are as a person in your everyday life. Here’s a screen grab of my Instagram page:   Looking at my page you’d think “jeez this girl has a lot of fun! She’s always out doing stuff... Continue Reading →

MEDA101 Lecture, Week 10 – Subverting Cinematic Conventions

In the 1950’s and 60’s there were ignificant political and cultural changes that may have influenced cinema and its conventions. These include: Sexual revolution (female oral contraception were introduced) Civil rights (feminist and African American) Youth rebellion and counter cultural movement Cold war Vietnam war Existentialism (Europe) (moving away from religions and focusing on ourselves... Continue Reading →

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