Get It In Ya Gong – A Plan To Fail Early and Fail Often

I’ve always been afraid of failure. I’ve always been afraid of putting myself out there in case I made a mistake or did something silly and embarrassed myself. But as I look back at my past experiences that fear never really stopped me from doing things I was excited about or wanted to do.

Public speaking is one of the things that makes me most nervous. I’m so scared by the thought of getting up in front of a big crowd of people and talking to them, having them all watch me in anticipation, just waiting for me to fail. Somehow this fear didn’t stop me from being the Vice Captain of my school, nor did it stop me from speaking at assemblies, events and doing interviews for the newspaper and television. It didn’t stop me from playing a lead role in my schools musical and singing (terribly) and dancing and acting in front of hundreds of people and a big camera ready and waiting for me to fail.

Did I make mistakes and fail from time to time? Hell yeah I did!

But did I shake it off, give it another crack and push on? You bet ya.

What I’ve learnt from experiences like these is that it’s ok to fail. In fact failure can actually be a really good thing if dealt with in the right way. You don’t learn from mistakes if you don’t make them, and you certainly can’t figure out what works and what doesn’t if you never fail at anything.

One of the big things we get told in my Convergent Media Practices (BCM112) class at university is to “Fail Early and Fail Often” (FEFO). I’ve always thought that failing at things was bad; and while of course it’s better to succeed, failure is simply a learning curve, a way to make you as a person and what you are working at better. In BCM112 one of our main assignments is to create a digital artefact. For someone who is scared of failure this assignment is pretty daunting. I have to put myself and my thoughts and creations publicly on the internet for the world to see, comment on and criticize. Scary stuff hey.

But failure is supposed to be half the point of it right?


This brings me to my assignment idea. Maybe this idea will be a total failure all together or maybe only certain parts of it will fail, or hey, maybe it’s a totally sick idea and it’ll all go heaps smoothly.

So what is it?

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you:

“Get It In Ya Gong!”


Yep that’s right, “Get It In Ya Gong” (it’s not quite as crude as it sounds, trust me). In this Digital Artefact my friend Matt and I will be trying out different restaurants and food places around Wollongong testing them on their value for money. As poor uni students we can barely afford a meal at the Campus East “Caff” let alone a gourmet restaurant feed, so we decided that wed go around Wollongong finding the cheapest grub, filming ours and others reactions and uploading it to YouTube for your enjoyment and research purposes.

Is it a clean and well thought out idea? No, not yet, but it’s the start of something.

If we approach this assignment with the willingness to fail, and most importantly the willingness to learn from our failures I think it could be a pretty cool project.

So that’s my idea so far! What are your Digital Artefact ideas? Are you just as afraid of failure as I am but willing to give it a fair go anyway? Let me know your thoughts in the comments bellow!






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