Weird Ass Shoes

I’m in lecture hall 107, snotty, sleepy and hungry af when this guy wearing some weird ass shoes tells me that “the medium is the message”.

My initial reaction?

Yeah Nah

But then it clicked.

“The medium has a far greater impact on the fundamental shape and nature of society than any message that is delivered through that medium… mediums are earthquakes dramatically and even violently reshaping the landscape overnight when they arrive… [Reshaping] the very nature of the content they deliver.” – Dan Olson

With all the new mediums being introduced, it makes me think that maybe the message the mediums are really giving us is that we are becoming lazier by the minute. Just look at the progression from the papyrus scroll to the book and now the internet. Think of fat jiggling machines , designed to make you lose weight just standing there. Is everything getting easier or are we just getting lazier? You could even argue that memes are making us lazy. They take 5 seconds to look at and the message gets across just as quick.

Maybe WALL – E is on to something.



4 thoughts on “Weird Ass Shoes

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  1. I love the point about ‘the fat jiggly machines’, I always laugh when they come on TV or I see a salesperson with them in a mall. They seem so stupid, but looking at it through McLuhan’s concept (which you have done in your post) just goes to show how lazy we’re becoming. From having a super computer available in our pockets, to these fat jiggly machines; we’re either really good at making things easier for ourselves, or just becoming lazier and lazier.


    1. They’re quite ridiculous aren’t they!
      That’s exactly it, it’s amazing how advanced things are becoming, we’ve got the worlds news at our hands available to us almost as soon as it happens, we’ve got entertainment at our fingertips, and Twitter where we can communicate an idea in 140 characters or less… it’s exactly as you said, making it either easier or lazier, it’s hard to tell

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  2. This is great!!! This blog is easy to read and has great information that can inform anyone on ‘The Medium is the Message’ in a short time! l loved the example you used as it related to the subject really well and also included humour (Jiggly machine, love it!). The quote by Dan Olsen is also a really clear definition of the medium is the message term!!!!


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