The New a e s t h e t i c Of Glitches

“Craftmanship… means simply using any kind of technique or apparatus in which the quality of the result is not predeterminedthe quality of the result is continually at risk” – David Pye, The Nature and Art of Workmanship, 1968, p. 2

Things that are broken are worthless, right?


Think glitches. They started as a nuisance, a mistake, a fault. Now this “fault” in technology and mediums has become art. An aesthetic.

As far as “the medium is the message” goes I think glitches are telling us that sometimes broken is beautiful, and that although the “quality of the result is continually at risk” often times the end result, with all its faults, ends up being exactly the way it was meant to be.

“As the understanding of a glitch changes when it is being named, so does the equilibrium of the (former) glitch itself… The glitch has become something new and has become an ephemeral, personal experience” – Rosa Menkman



8 thoughts on “The New a e s t h e t i c Of Glitches

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  1. Hey,
    This blog really encapsulates your ideas of glitches as a form of aesthetic. I really enjoyed the way you interpreted glitch art in terms of the ‘medium is the message’ whilst relating it to craft! Your remediation and choice of quote was very clever and reflected the thoughts you presented. A really easy, captivating structure. AWESOME!

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  2. Youtube is an interesting example. YouTube is not social media and it certainly isn’t the most time effective way of producing contents. The quote you used sums things up really, though – people simply don’t think of it as though they are ‘personnal experience’ but simply.
    Overall, It is a clear, tiny and easy understanding for the user to read. Your structure indicates you glitch art of “medium is the message” linked to craft.

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    This blog post was short and sweet! You effectively got the message out as well as combining your own thoughts with the topic of digital craft. Your example of glitch through the youtube clip was very entertaining with the audio playing behind it! Somehow it was very nostalgic. I also enjoyed how you combined it with medium is the message. 🙂

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  4. Daisy,

    I think what you’ve done here is create a piece of art that cannot be replicated. The aesthetic of such a terrifying video clip is something you should be proud of. Glitches are something we all have to take on board and work with because they are a thing and they do play a part in our everyday life. They can even be embraced – please take note of some significant glitches here that people take advantage of: I also tweeted the link. Your ability to incorporate the idea of ‘the medium is the message’ also has proved just once again why your blog is one that I want to follow. Until next time,


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  5. Hey there,

    Love the post it was an interesting take quite similar to mine actually. The Youtube video was a great add on which really contributed to the piece. The link between ‘the medium is the message’ and ‘the glitch’ was also an interesting perspective.

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  6. Hey Daisy,
    I loved your perspective on Glitch art! I didn’t think of youtube when I thought about glitch art and you enabled me to have a whole new perspective on it! It was really creative and a smart way to convey your opinion on the topic. Incorporating ‘Medium is the message’ was also a really good way to bring together the whole post.

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