Where I’m From – Remoscope 1

My remoscope project was approached using the 6 Lumiere Rules:

  • Maximum of 1 minute
  • Fixed camera
  • No sound
  • No zoom
  • No edit
  • No effects

Trying to capture the idea of “where I’m from” under such restricting rules and in a creative and captivating way was quite difficult. As my home, or, “where I’m from” is 5 hours away, I tried to convey the idea of travel and distance in my videos, whilst also capturing the ambience of my home town in the place where I live now. With the short depth of field in the travel shots I was trying to convey the idea of distance between myself and my home, and the uncertainty of the place I’m in now.

Inspired by: http://breakerproject.net/artinthecity/eizonikki/shot/


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