Bye-bye Traditional Journalism! (Hello Citizen Journalism)

Drones, dash cams and camera phones. What do these 3 things have in common? They’re some of the main tools, integral to citizen journalism.

These days the best news isn’t always found on channel 9 at 6pm. Nor is it always found in the newspaper you read at breakfast table. These days, the best news is often found on your phone, laptop or tablet.

Personally I think its time to say buh – bye to “traditional” journalism, and hello to the internet and citizen journalism.

What exactly is citizen journalism though?

Well according to Alex Bruns and Tim Highfield:

““citizen journalism” refers to an assemblage of broadly journalistic activities which are characterized by specific practical and technological affordances: they draw on the voluntary contributions of a wideranging and distributed network of self-selected participants rather than on the paid work of a core team of professional staff, and they utilize Internet technologies to coordinate the process and share its results.” – (A Bruns & T Highfied,  2012-03-30, Blogs, Twitter, and breaking news: The produsage of citizen journalism, p. 4.)

Whether its crazy up close and personal live footage from Cyclone Debbie . or a cheeky university romp causing a stir and making international news, sometimes the best news comes from us, the citizens, who are witnessing it all first hand.

But how do we know that these news stories are legit? We don’t, which is the main problem with citizen journalism. Our Facebook feeds are already being clogged with fake news and clickbait, so perhaps the rise of citizen journalism will blur the line between real and fake news even more.

What do you think?


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