A little bit of Deja Vu – The world of Remixes

When I hear the word remix the first thing I think of is remixed songs. They’re always the ones at the end of the album that are usually a boppier and more “dance track” version of the main singles on the album. But what I didn’t realise until I watch this video, is that “anyone can remix anything, whether its music, videos or photos and distribute it globally… [without] expensive tools, a distributor or even skills.” What that video also taught me was that ‘covers’ and ‘knock offs’ are a legal form of remixing.

We live in the age where one person will make something and someone else just can’t help themselves but to take it and change it up a little. They’ll change anything from the pace and the tone of a song to changing the genre of a song completely. We’ve gone from a read only culture (where people were more comfortable just consuming), to a read-write culture (where people add to culture by creating and recreating) (Lawrence Lessig p. 28)

Here’s a super crappy remix I did myself, just to prove how easy it is to remix something.




One thought on “A little bit of Deja Vu – The world of Remixes

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  1. Hey Daisy, after your remix became famous in the lecture I had to come check it hahaha. But really, this was a wonderful demonstration of how easy it is to remix a song or two and make something new and never heard of before. Which is the interesting thing about remixes – the mish-mash of already produced stuff can transform into something totally new and exciting! Keep mixin and mashin’ away, maybe you’ll come up with the next smash hit xx


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