Bad Blood = A Tiny Bit of Torrenting Guilt

“We don’t ask you for free iPhones. Please don’t ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation.” – Taylor Swift 

Sassy isn’t she?

But hey Taylor has a point.

steve hot damn

Remember this video?

“downloading pirated films is stealing” – so isn’t listening to someone’s music, that they put their heart, soul and sweat into, for free, technically stealing as well?

While it might seem that Taylor Swift, a 27-year-old singer with an estimated net worth of $250 Million, is trivially complaining to gain herself more money than she can poke a stick at, she does have a point.

Imagine putting your heart, soul, and entire life savings into creating a piece of music that you’ve paid to have released to iTunes for a standard $2.19 a song, only to have people go and download it from Kickass Torrents  for free, leaving you with no compensation or reward for the effort you’ve put in to your work?

It’d feel a little something like this:


Copyright laws give artists exclusive control over their works, including the ability to be able to ask for money for the use of and distribution of their work. So when Apple Music wanted to give its members a free 3 month trial, it was technically removing these copyright controls from the artists, and essentially stealing their music for 3 months. While all the potential Apple Music users (including myself) were cheering at the thought of not having to pay to listen to our favourite music for 3 months, artists, especially the smaller ones or those just making their debut in the big wide world of music, are frightened at the fact that their works isn’t going to be earning them money for ¼ of the year.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a dead set criminal. My crime? Torrenting music, tv shows and movies. Don’t pretend you haven’t done it either. If it was easily done, I’m sure everyone with an internet connection would be in gaol by now.


Put simply, torrenting, pirating, and using peoples work without paying them (à la Apple) is morally (and legally) wrong.

I’m not saying I’m not going to torrent or stream anymore (pls don’t dob), I’m just saying that I know I shouldn’t, and that the big companies who have a lot of money (like apple) shouldn’t be breaching these copyright laws and stopping artists from making money off their work.


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  1. Hey Daisy, basically you have completely understood the lecture materials and you’ve perfectly encapsulated it into one concise and very easy to read blog post, for which I commend you. It’s so insightful to read what you’ve got to say about copyright, and I agree. It’s a little rich for Taylor Swift to be telling people not to torrent, but very unfair that she should lose money because of how much money she has… Here’s a link to whether or not downloading is illegal or not: Definitely worth a read! All in all, very well done.

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