“WiKiPeDiA iSnT a ReLiAbLe SoUrCe”

One time my ginge roommate showed me this sick thing on Wikipedia: If you click on the first link of every wiki article you will ALWAYS eventually end up on the page for philosophy.

But this isn’t the most important thing about Wikipedia. The most important thing is that it’s one of the largest open source platforms of them all.

You know when you’re doing a research project for school/uni and your teacher tells you not to use Wikipedia but you do anyway?


Well given the fact that it’s an open source, which means that anyone can change up the information on it because the platform is designed to be publicly accessible, it really isn’t a reliable source. With over 100,000 active volunteers adding info to the site, who knows what’s legit and what’s not.

Obvs the opposite of an open source is a closed source which doesn’t allow its users to alter or change the software in anyway (think iOS or Microsoft Office).

So hey, seen as any old Tom, Dick or Harry can edit info on Wikipedia, maybe listen to your teachers, cause Wiki really isn’t a reliable source (even if it does have an answer for EVERYTHING amongst its 3.8Million articles).


8 thoughts on ““WiKiPeDiA iSnT a ReLiAbLe SoUrCe”

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  1. This made me laugh so much as this new Spongebob meme is my current favourite! Jokes aside, I thought this blogpost was really insightful as I somehow had not thought about how Wikipedia is an open source. Through reading your blog post, it appears you do have a good understanding of what an open and closed source is. Although, you possibly don’t need the first small paragraph as these posts are short and its vital to squeeze as much information in as possible to achieve a concise blog. I did some more digging and found an article about the advantages and disadvantages of an open source, thought you might like to check it out! https://cloudtweaks.com/2012/08/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-open-source/


    1. It’s one of my new favourites too! That’s why I had to use it 😂
      Until looking into the topic of open and closed sources I hadn’t really thought about it either, but after finding out and doing some research into I had to share with everyone, because I know there’s more blind souls like ourselves out there that are stuck with Android and Apple as their examples (and don’t get me wrong, they’re very significant examples).

      That’s true, thanks for the tip! I only kept the first paragraph because I like to put a little bit of personality and experience into each of my posts to really personalise it, but it’s hard to do that with such a small word count when you need a ton of info too!
      I read that article too, really helpful!

      Thanks for your comment, I’ll be sure to check out your blog 🙂

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  2. ha ha, that’s right we are always told its unreliable, but funnily it gets looked at about 16 billion times a day (this info is of course from Wikipedia, so I’m not sure if its true or not). Plus there are a growing number of editors every day. Who knows it may become reliable source. The fact that its open source editors may become more savvy and want to see the truth, I hope so. Cheers MJ


    1. Even though that info comes from Wikipedia it still sounds pretty legit! (But then again so does everything on that darn website)
      Fingers crossed more reputable editors will be putting their knowledge on their because it has so much information! But for now, we better listen to that voice in the back of our heads tellining is that “iTs NoT a ReLiAbLe SoUrCE” haha

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  3. Hey Daisy,
    Your content is so original and fun, I love your blogging style. I had a good laugh at your spongebob meme in there too. You’ve presented this topic in a way that it’s really easy to understand. Your use of relevant but really simple gifs to explain your points was really helpful too. You’re writing is very readable and you add enough information into the small word limit that it still feels like I’m really informed. Your links throughout the blog were helpful too, and showed you’d researched for the blog you produced. Wikipedia didn’t even come to mind for me but as soon as you mentioned it I was like yeah that makes perfect sense. It was a really creative but well informed and relatable exploration outside the examples mentioned in class.
    Thanks for helping me think outside the box too,

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  4. Hey Daisy, I’m just going to start by saying I loved your spongebob meme and wish that I had thought of that myself hahaha! You explained this topic really well, whilst focusing on mainly on open source you briefly explained closed source as well which was really good! The links you used throughout the blog were relevant and really helpful to further understand what you were saying! I wrote about Wikipeida as well and agree that we really should have listened to our teachers haha! Overall well done! 🙂 x

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