My Online Reputation VS Me

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, the person you are online isn’t always an accurate representation of who you are as a person in your everyday life.

Here’s a screen grab of my Instagram page:



Looking at my page you’d think “jeez this girl has a lot of fun! She’s always out doing stuff with her friends having a laff”. And well yeah a lot of time I am but what you don’t see on my intsagram page is the $-0.04 in my bank account or the fact that I broke my leg 4 weeks ago and have been sat in bed watching funny animal videos and gaining weight since then. You only see the good stuff. The stuff I want you to see, and that’s the way online personas work.

Celebrities do this all the time. They have a brand they’ve gotta keep up and a personality they need to portray online. Believe it or not there’s even people out there that work in the industry of “online reputation management” and “online reputation repair”.

Take Taylor Swift for example:


Glamorous, always looking her best, always having fun with the squad. Goals, right?

Well yeah sure what we see is this awesome life filled with so much fun and opportunity and yeah, she does do all this stuff, but she also sits in front of the TV covered in biscuit crumbs on a Sunday afternoon and probably gets parsley stuck in her teeth and pizza sauce around her mouth. But she’s not going to put that online (most likely), because that doesn’t fit with her online persona and the brand she needs to put out to the world.



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