9 Things To Do With a Broken Leg

I broke my leg almost 2 months ago. Fractured femur, ruptured ligaments, and a pretty damaged level of dignity.

How did I do it?

Well that’s the bit that hurt my dignity the most. Lets just cut it short and leave it at ‘I fell off the bus… totally sober’. Details aren’t necessary.

If you’ve ever had a broken bone you’d know just how boring life can get when your practically bed ridden for months at a time. Everything becomes a mountain of a task when you’ve got one leg to stand on and both hands are taken up by crutches whenever you have to move around.

So, how have I killed time these past few months? With this little list of 9 things to do with a broken leg (because thinking of 10 was just too hard):

  1. Netflix… duh!

We all love a good Netflix binge, you can’t deny that. In my opinion there’s no better time to dive into someone else’s life to forget about yours, than when you’ve got a broken leg! And forget that procrastination guilt, cause you’ve got all the time in the world now! (well probably)

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


  1. Grab some friends and have a games night!

Me and my friends love a good ol’ competitive game of monopoly. Thank god our dining tables are bolted down because man do we get heated!

  1. Read

I have always loved reading, but since moving for university I just haven’t found myself with enough time to chill out and lose myself in a good book, until now anyways!

Here’s a small collection of the books I’ve been reading since I got here:


  1. Do those uni assignments you’ve been putting off!

Ok so no one really wants to hear this one, but let’s face it; those assignments aren’t going anywhere, and neither are you! So why not just tackle them in one go seen as you’ve got nothing better to do?

  1. Sleep

This one is probably my favorite on the list. I don’t think it needs an explanation…

  1. Play crappy phone games

I’m almost always on my phone, and if im not actually looking at it, its in my hand or right next to me. So to avoid serious FOMO by looking at social media all day ive found a new thing to do on my little pocket gadget; playing those terrible games.

I’ve got about 15 games of “STOP!” going and I’m totally addicted to the super cringey stories on ‘Choices’ and ‘Episode’ at the minute. If you’ve got any other mind numbing game suggestions let me know!

  1. Make that phone call to your mum you’ve been putting off…

Come on, you can’t use the whole “I’     m too busy” excuse now. Pick up your phone and call your mum. She might even offer to look after you! (Love you mum 🙂 xx)

  1. Do your physio exercises like there’s no tomorrow

If you’ve got a broken leg it’s pretty likely a physio or specialist has given you some rehab exercises to do, so why not do them as often as possible seen as you’re probably not doing much else! May as well kick that broken leg back into shape to get you out there in the big wide world ASAP!

  1. Smile!

Its pretty lonely having a broken leg at uni, but you just gotta remember to smile! You’ll heal up soon enough and be back to partying up on uni night in no time!



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