Where I’m From – Audio/Visual Poem

My video/audio piece titled “The Colour City” was greatly inspired by 3 main works; Taylor Swifts ‘Safe and Sound’ music video, ATB’s ‘Vice Versa’  music video and Space Replay by Francesco Tacchini.

The ‘Safe and Sound’ video inspired many of the nature shots and the use of angle to create a sense of smallness compared to the world around me, and how these parts of the world come together to create where I’m from. ATB’s ‘Vice Versa’ really plays with the use of colour and light which heavily influenced my piece. The camera work in Vice Versa also inspired my work, in the way that it appears that “I” (the camera), is stopped still, while the rest of the world is in constant motion around me. I took inspiration from the cinematics of these videos to create my own piece and many of the shots in each video don’t incorporate much camera movement, and are all similar to remoscopes. As well as taking inspiration from these videos to use remoscopes, I also enjoyed working with them in the first assignment which is why I wanted to play with them further for this piece.

The bright greens and autumn leafy colours throughout the video portray my love for autumn and my favourite aspect of the place that I’m from, which is why theyre such a clear theme throughout the video. Each place or object in the shot has a personal meaning to me and when put together help to create the place where I’m from.

The sounds used in the video are non-diegetic. However, each sound is something familiar and designed to produce an image in the listener’s head, so when paired with the video, the ambience of my hometown and the idea of belonging is further amplified. The guitar melody in the background helps create a sense of calm, warmth, and euphoria which are the feelings I associate with being home.

The shots were placed in such an order that made the video flow, all shots are connected whether through colours, objects or themes and were edited in a montage inspired way.


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