Why do we keep naming different parts of our bodies and telling women they shouldn’t be ashamed of them, when I feel like a lot of women wouldn’t have ever even thought about them in the first place?? 

I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across a popsugar article titled “Hip Dips are the Latest body positive movement taking over Instagram” and I thought “what the hell are hip dips and why do they have their own article and hashtag???” 

Turns out “hip dips” are the little curve between your hip and your thigh, and they’re 100% normal and super duper common. 


So why is this popsugar article telling me I shouldn’t be ashamed of them? I’ve got them, my cousin whose a size 6 has them, and beautiful women of all shapes and sizes have them. So what’s the big deal? 

I feel like the media is taking things like this and telling us that we definitely ARE ashamed of this thing but we totally SHOULDNT be. 

Well yeah of course we shouldn’t be?? It’s a natural curve in our bodies, some ladies have it and some don’t. So why is it the “new body fad”? 

Throwback to the #thighbrow that I’ve had for years but never thought of to be EITHER un-admirable OR extremely sexy because, well, they’re just natural creases formed by my body when I bend or squat in a certain way… 


Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for body positivity and self love! 

Yeah the big booties! Yeah the little booties! Yeah the toned athletic bodies AND the beautiful curvy bodies! Every body is beautiful because everybody is unique. 

It just baffles me that the media needs to pinpoint one particular body part and tell women that they are ashamed of it but shouldn’t be. It doesn’t make sense to me. For a second after reading that article I took a look at myself and thought, “I wasn’t ashamed of these “hip dips” but maybe I should have been… clearly they’re an issue if they’ve got their own hashtag and article!” 

See what the media does to us?

How about we stop with the #thighgaps and #thighbrows and #hipdips and idk #hardnipples or whatever the next thing is going to be and just realise that everybodies body is different and has curves and lumps and bumps and all that jazz. How about we move on from that and praise both men and women for what our bodies are capable of. 

I can squat 80kgs regardless of whether or not I have hip dips (well I could before I broke my leg but let’s ignore that for a minute) and I can still dance the night away on the d-floor every uni night regardless of whether or not I have a #thighbrow and honey my booty was poppin the day I was born, and right up until a few years ago i was shamed for having a booty, and now, I’m praised for it (its just a silly fad!).

Love your body. 100%. 

But can we (and the media) focus on what it does rather than necessarily how it looks, because there’s no point comparing your body to someone else’s. life doesn’t work like that. 

Go out and get strong and get healthy and make babies if you want to and work that wonderful brain of yours because to me that stuff is more important than whether or not my tits are big or my toes are pretty. 


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