Get a Real Job Sweaty


My stepdad watches a lot of prank videos on YouTube, like, a ridiculous amount. He often complains that all the videos have ads, and that if he wanted to see an ad he’d just watch TV instead. And well yeah, they’re hella annoying, but what he didn’t understand was that these ads are the reason these people had the money they do to make those silly prank videos he watches so religiously.

Any millennial would know that you can make money off YouTube. Heck, if you’re good enough at it, it can even be your career. Tell all this to a non-millennial however, and they’ll think you’re going insane.

That’s just the avocado obsessed, dog crazed, internet oriented world we live in. People don’t want your “classic” 9-5 job anymore. As Bradwell and Reeves (2008, P.8) found, distinctions between personal life and professional life are becoming increasingly blurred, and there is a strong desire for disorganization in the workforce amongst younger employees, due to changing values and social norms.

Lets be real, if I could earn money filming myself talking about or doing the things id enjoy, id definitely do it (but I’m unmotivated so I’m at uni instead)…


Bradwell, P, Reeves, R 2008, Network Citizens Power and Responsibility at Work, P.8


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  1. Hi Daisy! I thought you highlighted a good point in your post, with regards to the changing nature of jobs due to digital labour. Each year new jobs are being created due to the increase in new technologies. It is crazy to think that when we finish our degrees we may be in a job that we once never thought existed. Your remediation was engaging and set the tone for the rest of the post. For improvement you could provide relevant sources such as news articles on the changing nature of the workforce due to digital technologies. Here is an article that explains how technology is changing work in the future – Great post! Cant wait to read more


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