The Great Debate

iPhone vs Android – it’s the debate that has been ruining friendships, cock-blocking and putting people in tears for years now. And the debate has started all over again with the iPhone X coming out in the coming months

In reaction to this weeks BCM206 lecture I decided to collaborate with a major Apple fanatic – Daniel, and ask him why he loves apple. This is what we came up with:

I also interviewed a few Android users to see why they choose android:

Note: If you were wondering, I’m personally an iPhone gal… but really my only reason for that is because I find them easy to use and they’re pretty J


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  1. Hey Daisy,

    You had a great opportunity here to touch on the week’s readings in connection with your SoundCloud clip. You could use this article to continue with the comparison between Apple and Android led by the second speaker, specifically with the speakers ability to pirate music straight to his Android operating system while Jobs did not want to give outsiders the ability to program Apple iOS. You could then link to further articles to inform your readers of where their research can continue from here regarding open vs closed source technologies and appliances. Thanks for letting me read.

    – Danni


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