A Social Media Revolution


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In 2012 a social media revolution was born, and I’m sure anyone who was on the internet around that time will remember the Kony 2012 revolution.

On March 4 2012, a 30-minute video was released on YouTube “documenting” a non-profit effort to stop Joseph Kony and The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) from kidnapping kids and turning them into soldiers (among other worse things). In just 6 days the video gained over 100 million views, and “Kony 2012” was taking over social media.

Kony 2012 was a clear social media revolution, with the Invisible Children organisation stating that they created Kony 2012 as an experiment, to see whether a video can “make an obscure war criminal famous? And if he is famous, will the world work together to stop him?”.

The campaign went viral. Why? Because of immediacy, ubiquitous connectivity and participation. We all know this generation is addicted to participation (and I’m not talking about sports or group activities).






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  1. I love your example so much. KONY has such repercussions on the society. This is a fabulous blog with a large amount of information involving the progress of social media and how time has dramatically shifted on social media. For future recommendations, I advise you use proper referencing. Not just links.


  2. Your meme made me laugh out loud, kudos to you. Your Kony example was great, I remember waking up to the news of it and overnight my entire town was covered in posters and stickers of Kony 2012, much to my surprise most of the ‘jocks’ in my year at high school at the time were really immersed into the movement. In your short blog post you’ve been able to demonstrate a written yet easy read to understand the topic of how social media activism began to show itself in society. I believe the comment above also touched on this, but slight adjustments to the referencing and you’d be all good!


  3. I love your writing style and I had a look into the articles you linked at the bottom, and they were indeed very helpful and insightful! Reading your blog gave me a greater understanding into this topic and I am so so grateful for that, so thank you! ahha


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