Don’t Hack Me

Sorry Gov, but if you hack my computer in hopes to find some juicy goss, all you’re gonna find is some shitty memes and lots of doggo photos.

meme bcm206

I’m not one of those people that has a sticker over my laptop camera or browses on “incognito” mode, mainly because I feel invincible to the hacking powers of the world (or more like I just don’t have any juicy gossip on me so theres no point in being worried about being hacked).

But hacking is a real thing, and if you have the skills and brains of a hacktivist you could really distrupt services and bring attention to some serious political and/or social issues (just like Edward Snowden)

Id like to see someone hack Area 51 computers so we can see what’s really going on there, or hack trump and tell me which fake tan he orders online so I can make sure to never try that one out.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Hack Me

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  1. Haha! Great meme. I am guilty of covering my webcam – I even go further to not having the fingerprint option on my iPhone because I don’t want Apple to have my fingerprint…. Not sure why I have this paranoia that the government will one day come after me. Do you think hacktivism is morally wrong – or do you think because the objective is for the greater good that it’s justifiable?


  2. Haha! I completely agree with the whole not caring if you are hacked. I myself don’t particularly care whether the government hacks my laptop to see my beautiful double chin! I love the way you write, it shows exactly your personality, and therefore easily shows your stance on this topic.


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