“Next Week on Hoarders”

Online everything is recorded, and you don’t know by whom. It is cheaper to record and keep everything than to record and figure out what to delete.  We live in a world where we keep everything and delete nothing.

The default setting of the internet is to record and keep everything. The internet is essentially one huge surveillance system, and I don’t really think that’s sunk in with a lot of people.

If you read my blog post last week you’ll remember me saying that I’ve never been super worried about being hacked or about the government being able to spy on what Im doing… but I find it extremely creepy that everything I do and or say is being watched and recorded, and that these things will be around FOREVER. That means that those drunken phone calls I made a few weeks ago may eventually be forgotten, but unfortunately, they will never be lost. Essentially the internet is one big hoarder and really should clean out its cupboards, because lord knows we don’t need a record of very kid in year 6 who thought it would be funny to look up blue waffle on the school computers….

Heres a little vid I made to emphasise how the internet is literally hoarding all our data, because its way easier to just keep shit than to go through it and figure out whether to get rid of it or not.


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