The Internet of Things

The internet of things – where basically everything with an on-off switch can and will be connected to the internet.

Well, apparently, it doesn’t have to have an on/off switch to be connected to the internet, because some European guy called Karim Oumina created shoe insoles that are connectable. According to the Digitsole website these shoes can warm up or cool down your feet, detect fatigue and prevent you from getting injured during your sports or professional activities, and can even detect diseases!

Objects connected to the internet gain a sensory capacity allowing them to dynamically register changes to their environment. They store and process information and independently initiate action.

Have you ever gone to make a glass of milo and you open the fridge to see that someone drank all the milk and you really cant be bothered to go into town to buy some? Yeah well now that fridges can be connected to the internet you can literally tell your fridge to purchase some milk and the Woolworths delivery guy will bring it to you the next day (but who actually wants to wait that long for a milo right?)

I reckon in a few years’ time there won’t be a single object you can’t buy connected to the internet of things.




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  1. As briefly shown in the lecture about iot, surveillance and privacy issues are consequences of having literally every object connected to the internet.
    If it really came down to it, would you choose to stay connected to the internet if it meant that all of your private and personal data may be exposed in the future?
    I’ts an unfortunate reality we may have to start facing in the near future if iot continues to expand at the rate it is.
    Also, the prediction of 50 million connected devices by 2020 may not be totally accurate! It’s going to be bigger than that. Check it out here:

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  2. It’s interesting to think about when things like this will become common in households and in society, currently, it’s still not a need for most consumers, and hasn’t entered everyday life even though the uses for them are outstanding and would most likely make peoples quality of life better, and yet we don’t use them. NIce post and you meme is lit .Here is an interesting article on connecting to the internet:


  3. I am living for the meme you created! Its so relatable, kind of scary, but also very very true. Your explanation of the content was really good, it’s getting kind of crazy – the amount of things connected to the internet these days. I feel like when we are older we will be saying to the younger generations “back in my day we had to go to the store and get our own milk, you’re lucky your fridge knows when to buy more”. I stumbled upon a list of more weird things that are connected to the internet – enjoy

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  4. The idea of a device changing its environment is so interesting, and mind boggling. People may say that phones change their environment because everyone is invested in them, but do they really in comparison to the Internet of Things? I think you’re right in saying that in a few years everything will be connected to the IoT; an idea is explored in this article – – in which your car doesn’t have a computer, your car is simply a computer with four wheels.


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