We’ve All Got That One Friend

Hey BCM212 lads and ladies,

You know how we all have that one friend that can find out anything you want to know about anyone just using various social media platforms? yeah? well thats me.

I can honestly say i’ve found that guy from the bus’s cousins best friends brother in about a solid 10mins, and idk about you but I feel like it takes some pretty intense research and digging to get that far from just this guys hair colour and creepily over hearing his first name in a conversation… you got someone you wanna find online? i’m ya gal.

I remember back in my fangirl days my friends and I found a photo of our fave YouTuber with some random girl in a lift, this chicks face wasn’t even in the photo, and I kid you not it only took a measly 3 minutes to find this girls instagram, her facebook, what school she went to and how she knew this YouTuber she was in the photo with. I can’t remember exactly how I found her but I do know it took a series of clicking through random tags on instagram (mind you she wasn’t tagged in any of them) until I found the page for the college she went to, and it all went from there.

So ya, next time you’re looking for someone with some seriously freaky FBI stalking skills you know where to find me (@hazy_dais on twitter hehe)


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