My Online Reputation VS Me

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, the person you are online isn’t always an accurate representation of who you are as a person in your everyday life. Here’s a screen grab of my Instagram page:   Looking at my page you’d think “jeez this girl has a lot of fun! She’s always out doing stuff... Continue Reading →


“WiKiPeDiA iSnT a ReLiAbLe SoUrCe”

One time my ginge roommate showed me this sick thing on Wikipedia: If you click on the first link of every wiki article you will ALWAYS eventually end up on the page for philosophy. But this isn’t the most important thing about Wikipedia. The most important thing is that it’s one of the largest open source platforms... Continue Reading →

This ‘Memes’ War!!

“Memes have become almost exclusively political. Everything is incredibly antagonistic and charged with politics.” - Ryan Milner ( Whether it’s a made up war between Biden and Trump A celebrity feud Fake war propaganda (Hillary Clinton’s draft our daughters) Or politician vs politician/political propaganda,   Memes are an integral tool of warfare amongst today’s society. With... Continue Reading →

Get It In Ya Gong – Episode 1 !!!!

Woohoo!! Matt and I have officially launched our YouTube channel  with our first instalment of Get It In Ya Gong! For all my fellow BCM112 squad members this is our Digital Artefact, and for a first attempt I think its safe to say we're pretty proud of ourselves! Keep your eyes peeled for next weeks episode... Continue Reading →

The New a e s t h e t i c Of Glitches

“Craftmanship… means simply using any kind of technique or apparatus in which the quality of the result is not predetermined... the quality of the result is continually at risk” – David Pye, The Nature and Art of Workmanship, 1968, p. 2 Things that are broken are worthless, right? Wrong. Think glitches. They started as a... Continue Reading →

Weird Ass Shoes

I’m in lecture hall 107, snotty, sleepy and hungry af when this guy wearing some weird ass shoes tells me that “the medium is the message”. My initial reaction? Yeah Nah But then it clicked. “The medium has a far greater impact on the fundamental shape and nature of society than any message that is... Continue Reading →

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